Tuition & Fees

Fall 2019 – Summer 2020
Tuition Rates

• $40 waitlist fee to be applied to first month’s tuition
• Enrollment paperwork and 1st month tuition due prior to acceptance
• 5% Discount applied for eldest siblings
• All tuition rates are due the first of the month (excluding daily drop-in)
• Tuition rates are subject to an annual increase not to exceed 3-5%
• One-month cancellation notice required/ 24-hour cancellation notice required for daily drop-in
• $75 yearly supplies fee due with fall registration

Automatic Payments

Monthly child care payments made electronically require a checking account. A direct debit will be processed by Brightwheel at the beginning of each month. Special arrangements must be discussed and arranged with the Director if unable to make electronic payments.

Late Pick-up Fee

If a child is picked up past Tinker Town’s normal closing times, a staff member will remain with the child and a late fee of $1 per minute will be charged in addition to the normal child care rate. If a child is picked up late multiple times, a $5 per minute late fee will be charged on the third offense. 

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