Meals & Snacks

We are a nut free facility. No food containing, or processed in a facility with nut, are allowed in the center. We DO NOT provide meals or snacks for your child and staff can’t prepare any food or drinks for your child. Please provide lunch and/ or snacks if your child will be attending during meal and snack times. Snack times are at 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM and lunch at 12:00 PM. We will not feed a child’s food to another child. Staff will sit with the children during meal and snack times to encourage (never force) them to try a variety of food and enjoy friendly conversation.

If a lunch and/or snack has not been supplied for the child during the appropriate times, the parent may bring a lunch and/or snack prior to the children eating. If the parent is unable to supply a lunch and/or snack for their child, Tinker Town will provide at an additional charge. The options for snacks and lunch will meet USDA child care food program meal pattern requirements. Examples of food provided are fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, dry snacks (goldfish or graham crackers), applesauce, etc. Children that require milk during the day may do so in a labeled sippy cup, which will be refrigerated.

Water is always available for children, but we encourage a labeled sippy cup or water bottle from home for children to remain hydrated, bottles are not permitted. Please disclose all food allergies to Tinker Town staff prior to check-in every time. Tinker Town is not responsible for allergic reactions that we were not made aware of by the parents. Children with severe allergies that require an epi pen, must arrive with a double pack epi-pen in the original packaging from the pharmacy. The label on the epi-pen must match the doctor’s order- Emergency Allergy Plan.

Tinker Town
2954 Havana Street
Denver, Colorado 80238

Phone: (303) 377-6217
Fax: (303) 377-1556

Tinker Town is open:
Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

The center is closed for the following holidays:

  • ● President’s Day (in service training)
  • ● Denver Public School’s Spring Break (5 days)
  • ● Memorial Day
  • ● 4th of July
  • ● Labor Day
  • ● Thanksgiving (3 days)
  • ● December 24th- January 1st

If the need for closure should occur, it will be posted on our Facebook page.

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