Daily Schedule

The classroom’s teachers work cooperatively to create a daily schedule and plan activities that meet each child’s developmental abilities and needs. The daily schedule and activities create a balance between active and quiet times; large and small group, and individual activities; small and large muscle activities; indoor play times; as well as times for self-selection and teacher-directed activities. Consistency from day-to-day is particularly important to the overall well-being of the children and the classroom environment. Children thrive on consistency! Routines will be maintained whenever possible for arrivals and departures; meals and snacks; resting or nap times; personal care routines like diapering/toileting and hand washing; and transitions.

Free Choice

Free choice centers are incorporated into the morning and afternoon schedule. During free-play, teachers actively participate with the children by asking questions about what the children are doing, participating in their pretend play, reading books when prompted, encouraging children to try new activities or play with a new toy, etc. Free-play is another opportunity for a child to grow socially and cognitively through the development of relationships.

Rest Time

Children will be provided a regularly scheduled nap or rest time. Children will not be forced to sleep but may be encouraged to lie quietly for a period of time. The length of time a child should have to remain resting varies by child. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the maximum amount of time a child should have to remain resting. Children should be provided with alternative quiet activities if unable to rest.

Children are encouraged to bring a familiar item from home to use during nap/rest time, such as a small blanket or stuffed animal. These items will be stored in your child’s cubby or on his/her cot or mat; there is limited space for storage of such items. Please take this into consideration when deciding which items to bring. All items should be clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Tinker Town
2954 Havana Street
Denver, Colorado 80238

Email: childcare@tinkertowndenver.com
Phone: (303) 377-6217
Fax: (303) 377-1556

Tinker Town is open:
Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

The center is closed for the following holidays:

  • ● President’s Day (in service training)
  • ● Denver Public School’s Spring Break (5 days)
  • ● Memorial Day
  • ● 4th of July
  • ● Labor Day
  • ● Thanksgiving (3 days)
  • ● December 24th- January 1st

If the need for closure should occur, it will be posted on our Facebook page.

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